My Skill

OS (Operating System) : DOS, Win9x, Win NT, Windows 2000/2003 Advance Server, Linux (distro redhat, mandrake, Suse, and debian), and FreeBSD
Server Application : Mail Server (Qmail, Lotus Domino, postfix, Exchange server)

DNS Server (BIND, PowerDNS, Microsoft DNS)

Databases Server (Mysql, Sybase, Access)

Web Server (Apache, IIS, xitami)

RAS Server

FTP Server (ProFTP, vsFTP)

Samba server, Active Directory, and LDAP

Monitoring (mrtg, SNMP, IDS with Snort, Nagios, n etc)

Application software : Offices (word, excell),visio, corel draw, frontpage express, and macromedia dreamweaver.
Languages Programming : Java script, Assembler, C++, pascall, basic, perl, PHP, Bash Scripting, and HTML Editor
Networking : TCP/IP, Routing & gateway,

WAN, LAN, Wirelles, RIP, BGP,

VPN (Virtual Private Network),

Iptables (Firewall in linux),

and familiar with internet and networking configuration.


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